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Tips to Help Make Teeth Cleaning Appointments Less Painful

Going to the dentist should be just as fun as your routine beauty treatments. However, if you wish to have good oral health, then having routine teeth cleaning is important. Many patients have anxiety issues whenever they visit their dentist and this fear can prevent them from going for their regular cleaning sessions. However, there are ways that people can make the process much easier for them. Here are ways that you can make your dental cleaning appointments more comfortable and less painful.

Request numbing cream

You can request your dentist to use numbing cream before the cleaning. Topical anesthesia will help to numb your oral tissues so that you do not feel any pain during the cleaning process. Numbing cream can also come in handy when you need an injection because it helps to dampen the pain of the needle. Numbing the oral cavity works well for most people because they will not feel the pain and discomfort that comes with teeth cleaning.

Opt for midday appointments

Most doctors’ offices tend to be busier at specific times such as morning hours. However, in the middle of the day, many people have gone to work and children are already in school. As a result, the dental office tends to be quieter and more relaxed. A less hectic setting can be helpful in taming your nerves during your dental appointment. Furthermore, there is a high chance that you will be done with the session quicker when compared to other business hours.

Bring along a sympathetic loved one

Anxious patients can bring along a willing family member or friend to accompany them during the cleaning sessions. They can provide complimentary massage on anxious patients to enable them to deal with the anxiety during their cleanings. This will help the patient to focus more on the pleasurable experiences and forget about their teeth being cleaned. Be sure to check with your dentist to determine whether they will allow this.

Use music as a distraction

Music can be a perfect distraction as it will help you forget about having dental tools in your mouth. Many dental hygienists will allow patients to come with music devices during the cleanings. Be sure to go for simple earbuds instead of the big and bulky headsets that can distract the work of the hygienist. Noise-canceling devices are even better because the dentist may need your attention during the cleaning process.

There are several things that you and your dentist can do to make the teeth cleaning process less painful. The best dental experts will be willing to work with you to ensure that you are comfortable during the teeth cleaning process. Some will even offer their own solutions depending on your situation. To guarantee a painless teeth cleaning appointment, it is important for the dentist and the patient to work together.