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8 Common Dental Problems That You Should Know About

Having dental problems is a common occurrence. It has been the cause of untold pain and suffering to many people. You should consult a professional who is an expert in family dentistry to attend to all your family dental issues as and when they arise.
Some common dental problems are given below:

1. Bad breath

This is usually caused by gum disease, oral cancer or a dry mouth. It can be solved by getting proper treatment from a dentist, especially for gum disease and oral cancer. In other simpler cases, where medical attention is not needed, the problem of bad breath can be solved by a simple mouthwash or an increase in water intake.

2. Tooth decay

This is caused by an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria tends to erode the tooth enamel, resulting in a cavity. Tooth cavities can be treated by getting a filling or a root canal.

3. Mouth sores

Mouth sores can be caused by the flu or cold virus. This can be treated by using simple medicine for flu. The virus will eventually leave the body and the mouth sores will also heal.

4. Tooth sensitivity

This can be caused by either a cavity or cracks in the tooth. The nerves of the tooth become exposed when there is some decay and this causes sensitivity when very hot or cold foods are consumed. Certain toothpastes can be used to reduce sensitivity in the tooth.

5. Tooth aches

This can be caused by several factors such as cavities, broken teeth, cracked teeth, or even trauma. This needs to be diagnosed and treated by a dentist. There are several methods of treatment available and the method used will depend on the cause of the tooth ache.

6. Discolouration of teeth

Teeth can be discoloured or stained for different reasons. One reason could be genetics, a second reason could be too much fluoride in the water, and a third reason could be the side effects of certain medications. Teeth whitening can be done to solve the problem of tooth discolouration.

7. Crooked teeth

Teeth may grow misaligned, causing some crowding in the mouth and problems with biting. Many times crooked teeth simply grow on their own. The solution is to go for teeth straightening. There are many methods of aligning teeth such as using braces, using invisalign aligners and other relevant methods.

8. Oral cancer

This can be caused by a lifestyle of smoking and drinking. It is better if this condition is diagnosed early because it will increase the possibility of having a successful treatment. Oral cancer is treated using chemotherapy just like other types of cancer.

The above dental conditions are very common, and their treatment is simple if you go for an early diagnosis. Leaving any dental issues unsolved can lead to untold pain and suffering in the long run.